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Dec 19, 2016 · Doctor Offers Practical Tips for Unwrapping the Gift of Happiness Any Time of Year

Great read. Thank you Dr. Sood…stress, depression & suffering come in all forms and it doesn’t have to come in an obvious visual form. The way we manage it, now that’s where it sometimes may become obvious through withdrawing, rage, over sensitivity, erratic behavior, just to name a few. Ever wonder why when someone does something terribly bad, others will most always say something like, ‘They were always so… quiet or nice or I can’t believe they would ever do such a thing, she was a good mother, or my son was a good boy, he would never be in a gang or have a gun, or how could that happen on my street or neighborhood…’
Poverty, job loss, chemical imbalance, death of a loved one, being different, abuse, jealousy, (just to name a few) can be and are part of sudden outbursts where once ‘normal’ people become so overwhelmed with what they are going through that they actually cannot think rationally anymore and react negatively. I’m so glad there are Doctors like you that actually care and are doing something to help.

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