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Mar 12, 2014 · Poor excuses for avoiding exercise

Here’s my excuse – I’m morbidly obese and felt inspired one day (a year or so ago) to sign up for a class at DAHLC. It was designed for people like me, to start easing into an exercise routine. Unfortunately, registration had closed and it would not be offered again until 3 months later. By then, I’d lost my enthusiasm. I often think obesity should be treated like any other addiction. When I say I need help, get me into a program and don’t tell me to wait 3 months. I’d like to see something at DAHLC like the IAP program at Generose. It’s 3 strategies (one per week) that keep cycling so you can join the program at any time. Of course, maybe DAHLC has a program like that now, but I’ve been too busy, tired, and bored to check. It’s my problem, I know, so no bashing comments, please.

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