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Apr 16, 2019 · Helping Patients With Pancreatic Cancer Live Longer is Personal For Mayo Clinic Doctor

On April 29th I will be a FIVE year survivor of pancreas cancer – adenocarcinoma. I was treated at Mayo Jax by surgeon Dr. Horacio Asbun who performed a laparoscopic whipple procedure on me just two weeks after diagnosis. I then went thru chemo (gemzar) and radiation and chemo(5-FU) Then back to Gemzar thru December 24th, 2014. I had a recurrence in August of 2018 and am currently on Abraxane and Gemzar to hopefully keep the 11 tumors in my lungs at bay. I am happy to report this news that I will see my grandson who was born the week before my surgery enter kindergarten this August! Thank you Mayo doctors for your courage to treat this beast with your innovative and aggressive approach. Judi Zitiello

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