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Mar 28, 2019 · KonMari According to Mayo Psychologist: Good for Our Homes, Good for Our Souls

Good Morning from Idaho.
Marie Kondo declutter article
Is reaffirming to me as I have for years practiced the habit and it is quite literally refreshing , invigorating and a reaffirmation of my ability to take hold of my physical environment as an act of refreshing my mental health. U suffer clinical depression and occasional bouts of severe depression and my regular habit of defusing my anguish by clearing out clutter and resorting clothes is amazingly uplifting. U smiled at the comment of rolling and sorting tee shirts to color as is a regular habit that is extremely important to me ..The expressions of comfort jumps out as I roll and sort the shirts as a typical ending to the declutter process …..Long ago I developed a habit of attempting to sort out my depression anguish issues as I declutter and I have learned to be satisfied with what I work through even if some issues remain unresolved. Glad to know my solitary actions are widely practiced. As a practicing minimalist of many years the declutter can be simple as sorting through bills and records that I allow to accumulate and are a consistent signal to me of the level of my depression anguish.
Anguish outside of declutter acts is frequenty dealt with by whole house cleaning to include wiping down walls and super shining any surface. Thank you for the timely and excellent article . Jim smallwood

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