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Feb 11, 2015 · A Migraine Specialist Wish List

I wished it was that easy, getting an appointment in Mayo. I have been suffering with migraines for 22 years and in 2010, was moving to Minnesota – I’m thinking GREAT! A place that I was able to get care, but alas, not the case. The Neuro wanted all 20 years of records from all doctors who have seen me. I was able to get most of it, except for 1 Neuro. He destroyed all my records because I hadn’t seen him in 10 years. He was the one who gave me most of the 50+ meds that I tried. I have a spreadsheet, listing all of them, but since I didn’t have that inforation, that wasn’t good enough, so I never got into Mayo to see the Neuro. I am still suffering and will continue to suffer, because of those two doctors. one, who didn’t keep my files and the second one who refuses to see me without those files…

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