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Fri, Jan 4 10:10am · After 'Shallow Water Blackout,' Therapeutic Hypothermia Brings Clay Meers Back

Moving story. Thanks, Dr. Grieninger, for having the courage to try!

Jul 5, 2018 · Honoring Military Patients With a Final Salute

What a wonderful tribute! I wonder if all 3 sites could implement this initiative?

Jun 27, 2018 · Dad Couldn't Make It to Graduation, so Mayo's IT Team Brought Graduation to Him

Thanks, Ron Porter and Mayo Clinic, for making this happen!

Nov 6, 2015 · Marcus' Heart Journey Inspires New Path for His Dad

I’m so glad you utilized St. Mary’s as your prayer war room. It is a beautiful space! We wish we had something more similar to that on the Florida campus.

Jul 20, 2015 · Simulator Puts Distracted Drivers to the Test

I lost my 21 year old daughter and her friend, the driver of the car she was in, due to another driver talking on a cell phone in 1996. Subsequently, I spoke at a Congressional Hearing to tell my story and ask for more research and education on this issue. So glad that we’ve come this far in almost 20 years! Will you bring the simulator to the Florida campus?

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