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Jun 4, 2015 · Nurse's Legacy Lives on Through Her Example, Angel Wings

An angel? A Saint?
Some say angels are among us in everyday people we meet. Saints alike don’t need to go through a Canonization process to be Saints.

As I read this moving story of care and compassion at Mayo Clinic, two thoughts came to mind repeatedly.
1. An angel
Clearly nurse Laura was an angel of care, healing, compassion, and probably Grace to some who were her patients.

2. A Saint?
With her energy almost palpable, and her influence that continues now and will continue into the future through the Foundation, and her colleagues feeling Laura watching over them, did we truly a Saint among us have? More so, if her colleagues or others who have learned of Nurse Laura believe that when they have called on Nurse Laura for enlightenment, Nurse Laura somehow guided them to do the right thing for the patient, does this suggest goodness of a Saint?

Not a zealot by any means, but something about Nurse Laura’s story is different than an ordinary feel-good story.

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