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Apr 13, 2016 · Wondering What to Do Between Appointments? Ask Some Seventh-Graders, Or Try Their App

This is a great app consideration for patients. I work at Mayo and visit with our patients. It would be great to have kid friendly activities that families with children can sign up for and catch a shuttle from downtown. Not all families that are stuck in town for the weekend can afford taxi fees to go to places like Quarry Hill. Also there was a comment about renting bikes. As part of the DMC development they need to get the SE bike trails completed and let patients know where they can rent a bike or take a walk, and hit the trails to enjoy MN. Not all patients are wheelchair ridden and can and would enjoy the fresh air and activity. Also you can take a wheelchair on the trails too, you wouldnt need to ride a bike. Patients love the Thursday on First maybe those of us who here the needs and wants of the patients should have a board to put in suggestions that we here from patients. They would also like a movie theatre in the downtown area. Keep in mind we have families with kids. Make sure they know what our library has to offer while they are in town for reading material or kid library time they might access. That means DME project needs to remember our library and make sure the city funds them to expand what it can offer.

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