Five reasons (some say) Mayo ‘dominates’ social media

Aw shucks. That was essentially the response from the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media when presented with an article by Health IT (HIT) Consultant that suggests Mayo's social media efforts are kind of a big deal. It's not that they weren't pleased. It's just that Mayo tends to have a complicated relationship with rankings that make us humbled by recognition, although not too happy when we don't receive it, all while being certain that we're the best but not satisfied with where we're at. (Here's to never resting.)

socialMedia760At any rate, HIT Consultant takes an in-depth look at Mayo's social media success that's informative and edifying. (It's okay to feel good for a minute). It's also a good reminder that this isn't about retweets and likes (although we do like those) but rather about how Mayo uses every social media tool available to help patients and the general, health-pursuing public.

The article starts with the backdrop, noting that health-related research remains one of the most popular online activities, particularly searches for specific medical issues (brushing up on bunions, for example), medical treatments or healthy living advice, and Mayo's offerings are always right there at the top of those search results. (Thank Google.) It also notes that "the 2013 Harris Poll EquiTrend survey named the Mayo Clinic website the top Health Information Website, ahead of WebMD."

Mayo has built quite a following on social media platforms:

Mayo also gets "kudos" for its Social Media Health Network, which "provides tools, resources and guidance to organizations and individuals wanting to apply social media in health and health care," and for its annual Health Care Social Media Summit, and Social Media Residency, while authors note that increasingly health care consumers "take recommendations from those within their trusted social networks."

The authors sum up with this list: "Who is the best example, and why? The Mayo Clinic. They are innovative. They have impeccable branding. Their content is superb. They have executive support. And above all, are able to engage patients like never before by connecting with them in different ways … via the many vehicles of social media. Kudos to the Mayo Clinic." Indeed.

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