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December 29, 2015

Fifteen of Our Favorite Stories of 2015

By In the Loop

2015 story reviewEach year, In the Loop, like many of the world’s great news organizations, looks back and shares some favorite stories of the year gone by. It’s an edifying exercise, and it gives us a story to publish around the holidays that doesn’t feel like real work. (Especially when we use the same clever packaging year after year.)

Since we’re not a particularly scientific lot, we simply pick our own favorites of the past year. And then we whittle our list down to a reasonable number that happens to line up with the year in question. So, without further ado, here are 15 of our favorite Mayo tales from 2015:

One More Sunset – Honoring a Patient's Last Wish
David Fogarty is used to doing all he can for his patients. When the ICU nurse was asked to help a patient face death "on his terms," David experienced another way of putting the needs of patients first.

Grace and Hope for Jianfeng – Medical Community Comes Together to Offer Help
Even though Jianfeng was world away, the Jacksonville medical community rallied to help the 5-year-old from China with Apert syndrome have a better chance at a normal, happy life.

Glen Campbell’s Farewell Song Strikes a Chord
“I’m still here but yet I’m gone.” That heartbreaking line pretty well sums up the last couple years for the country legend battling Alzheimer's. His song was nominated for an Academy Award.

More Than a 'Twinge of Pain'
Two years ago, Kelly Barnard got an unwelcome Valentine’s Day surprise. What she thought was stomach pain turned out to be much more serious – a cancer uncommon for people her age.

Here Comes the Bride and Groom, and the Care Team
Just before Sherra Mixon's big day, her mother was rushed to the hospital. With help from the care team, Sherra was escorted down the "aisle" and into her mother's hospital room.

Nurses Band Together to Support One of Their Own After Nightmarish Accident
It took two hours for first responders to free Molly Riese from her car after a horrific crash. It took her co-workers at Mayo Clinic Hospital no time to rally to her side.

Chris Norton's Walk to Remember
One headline read "Paralyzed Ex-Football Player Chris Norton Walked Again, Graduated and Got Engaged," and then asked "How Was Your Weekend?" His was surely one for the books.

Nurse's Legacy Lives on Through Her Example, Angel Wings
Laura Finseth Scott was honored posthumously with a DAISY Award for nursing excellence, which her family described as an "awesome tribute." Colleagues say Laura's legacy "can be felt every day."

Lighting Up the Library: Young Patient Finds a Home Among the Books
Three-year-old Ellis Paulson may be the Patient Library's biggest fan. Staff and visitors feel the same way about her.

Taking the Long View When Time is Short
It’s not every day that you hear about someone with terminal cancer running a marathon. But David Eitrheim, M.D., did just that and then set his sights on a 100-mile ultramarathon.

Cashing in on Life – Aspiring Auctioneer Takes Advantage of Second Chance
Cash Owens came into the world in dramatic fashion. Today, at age 10, he creates a buzz at the stockyard with his budding auctioneering skills.

Courtney Kidd's Long Road to a Normal Life
She had six major heart surgeries, a pacemaker and a stroke by age 12. Now, through a unique transplant approach, Courtney Kidd is finally looking forward to a normal life.

A Life Volunteered – Celebrating a Priceless Gift to Patients
Billie Needham reminisces about 60 years of volunteering and finding joy in sewing nursing hats, knitting 4,000-some baby caps, and being there for gift shop visitors who needed to talk.

Visit a Vet Program Salutes Those Who Served
Debbie Daugherty asked two Marines if they'd give her two minutes to say hello to her father, a decorated veteran. What came next inspired the Visit a Veteran program in Florida.

Remembering a Kind Gesture
In 1948, 9-year-old Truman Reid had to wait in lobby while his mom visited his father in the hospital. One day, a Sister looked beyond the rules, took his hand and brought him to his father’s room.

We had a hard time with our list whittling, so we'll throw in a few honorable mentions that just missed our list but were among the 10 most read stories on the blog.

Here Comes (the Father of) the Bride – With a Little Help From Mayo Clinic

Saving Lives at 30,000 Feet

Hope for Healing Aria's Broken Heart

Coming to Grips With the Idea of Living

"I Knew That I Had to Help Him"

The Cosmo Guide to Getting Hired at Mayo Clinic

Let us know what clicked with you in the comment section below. Then, you can use the handy social media tools to share these stories with others.

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