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February 16, 2016

Keep Us in the Loop, Too

By In the Loop

You, our readers, are our best source of story ideas. Once upon a time (okay, like three weeks ago) a long-time reader (not a first-time caller) reached out to us from beyond (from the Centerplace Building, we're thinking) with an important (although not tagged "high importance") request. Her words would have cut us to the quick, if we knew what that meant. "There are probably a million stories out there, but I know it would be impossible for you to find them all on your own," she wrote. "So, I'm hoping you would appreciate a suggestion on a potential story."

Yes! Appreciate. Welcome. Embrace. Treasure, even. (And in a pinch, solicit.) Mayo Clinic is a big place with thousands (maybe millions) of great stories. But since we are few, we can't track them all down. And since you are many, you can come closer. You, our readers, are our best source of story ideas. And it pains us to think that we're missing out on great stories because you felt like you might be imposing on us.

In fact, just the other day (actually just the other day), we wrote this to a long-time friend of In the Loop who periodically sends story ideas:

"You always tag your notes as 'low importance.' Whenever we see your name and/or the words 'story idea,' we register it as 'high importance.' You proved us right again."

This is a long way of saying that we'd love to hear from you. If you ever hear about something that happened and think, "That would be a great story for In the Loop," we're almost certain to agree. And being the curious sort, wouldn't you like to find out if you were right? And then to see that great story in print?

Our super strict parameters are that it has to be a Mayo Clinic story, in some way. We like to think of In the Loop as sort of a slice of life at Mayo Clinic — stories about our staff and patients, a look at Mayo Clinic making headlines, a peek at what's happening behind the scenes. Beyond that, you can let us do the work to determine whether it works for the publication.

We're just an email away at

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