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April 7, 2016

Vascular Surgeon a Cut Above

By In the Loop

Dr. Gloviczki reached a milestone few others have when he completed his 10,000th surgical procedure since joining the staff of Mayo Clinic.During a break from a busy day in the operating room, colleagues nabbed Peter Gloviczki, M.D., for a quick photo op. It was a moment surely worth capturing. Dr. Gloviczki reached a milestone few others have when he completed his 10,000th surgical procedure since joining the staff of Mayo Clinic. Jennifer Ohm, a surgical nurse who has worked with Dr. Gloviczki in the operating room for the past 12 years, says the "astonishing achievement" is a credit to his "lifetime of commitment and immense dedication." But Dr. Gloviczki credits something else. He tells us the achievement was "only possible because of the surgical and medical" teams he has worked with since arriving at Mayo for a fellowship back in 1981.

Dr. Gloviczki and his team. Dr. Gloviczki's path to Mayo Clinic, and to medicine, is a story in itself. In addition to his skills as a surgeon, Dr. Gloviczki is also an award-winning magician. And it was his skill as a magician that enabled him to travel outside his native Hungary when that country's government wouldn't allow physicians to leave to practice medicine. (You can read more about that journey here.) Dr. Gloviczki still performs for audiences, including his patients — "especially the children and young adults." He also performs at medical meetings and "particularly enjoyed performing for the Mayo Alumni Association when they celebrated Mayo Clinic's 150th anniversary."

Dr. Gloviczki tells us there are many parallels between magic and surgery. "Manual skill and dexterity" are required in both, as are "communications skills and compassion." According to his colleagues, Dr. Gloviczki has both qualities in abundance. Arman Arghami, M.D., a surgical resident, calls him "one of the most loved surgeons I have ever seen," and says Dr. Gloviczki's "presence, advice, calmness and sense of humor," are "greatly comforting" to his patients.

We imagine those patients will be sad to learn that Dr. Gloviczki will be disappearing from the operating suite this summer. He tells us he'll be retiring from clinical practice and transitioning to a new role as editor-in-chief of the Journal of Vascular Surgery. We're sure he'll work his magic there as well.

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Dr. Peter Gloviczki: Superb surgeon, marvelous magician, respected role-model, extraordinary educator, humble human being. Congratulations on a stellar career and best wishes for decades of health and happiness! David Farley


First of all congratulations on your milestone, well deserved..
You are going to be one solely missed surgeon. Dr G. Pretty much saved my life, and gave me a new beginning . He is such a professional Doctor, but he can crack a smile with the best of them. He always makes me laugh, even on a bad day. I will miss him, I hope I don’t need another heart surgery in the future, because it’s hard to find another surgeon when I already have the best. Take care Doctor B, you’ve been very influential in my life and I’m sure many more.
Lisa Selchow


Superb surgeon but most importantly a amazing man. Coming from such a extended medical history Dr G never doubted me like other Drs have if it wasn’t for him I’m sure I would no longer be alive today. He is a man with a heart of gold. I was sadden to hear of his retirement at my appointment on Wednesday but happy I was able to say goodbye how do you thank someone who has done so much for you? Thank you Dr peter Gloviczki I wish you a happy and healthy retirement!
Lisa Deschak

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