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December 27, 2016

Sixteen Favorite Stories of 2016

By In the Loop

Favorite stories of 2016

Each year, In the Loop, like many of the world’s great news organizations, looks back and shares some favorite stories of the year gone by. It’s an edifying exercise, and it gives us a story to publish around the holidays that doesn’t feel like real work. (Especially when we use the same clever packaging year after year.)

Since we’re not a particularly scientific lot, we simply pick our own favorites of the past year. Then we whittle our list down to a reasonable number that happens to line up with the year in question. So, without further ado, here are 16 of our favorite Mayo tales from 2016:


Young Patient Lures Reindeer to the Rooftop at Mayo Clinic Hospital
When a young patient asked if he could put some of his homemade "reindeer food" up on the hospital's rooftop in hopes of luring Santa's reindeer, his care team did him one better.


Mayo Patient Celebrates End of Radiation Treatments with Scottish Flair
On his final day of radiation treatment, Leonard Hislop wanted to celebrate in a unique way. His care team took things one step further.


Doctors Dance With Patient at Her Wedding 17 Years After Saving Her Life
Stefani grew up with her care team, after a heart transplant at age 8. It was only fitting to have them present for another life-changing moment.


A River Runs Through Him – A Hospice Patient's Sentimental Return to the Water's Edge  
With the help of Mayo Clinic Hospice and Gold Cross Ambulance, Lee Graham and his family returned to the Mississippi River to enjoy one more day near the water.


'Tutu Tuesday' Helps Take the Sting out of Young Cancer Patient's Treatments
Cancer treatment can be scary for young children. For Hanna Keehr, they’re also a time to dance thanks to her fun-loving care team.


Lab Tech by Day, Ninja Warrior by Primetime
When he's not in the Clinical Genome Sequencing Lab, Andrew Yori enjoys Ninja Warrior competitions. He got his shot at the "American Ninja Warrior" TV show, with some help from Sports Medicine. See how he fared here, here and here.


He Couldn't Travel to His Daughter's Wedding, So Mayo Brought It to Him
Brooke Skahill’s father was hospitalized a month before her wedding and couldn’t be there in person, so his care team brought the wedding to him.


Saying Goodbye to Dr. Jack — the Little Dog With a Big Heart
Dr. Jack was a pioneer and an ambassador for Mayo Clinic. A friend and comfort to many, he was a tail-wagging embodiment of the Mayo Clinic Model of Care. He will be missed.


Lola Montilla Goes To Washington, and Represents
When 15-year-old Lola Montilla was approached by the Make-A-Wish Foundation, she knew right away what her wish would be: a meeting with First Lady Michelle Obama. When that wish came true, Lola used her time wisely.


After Amputation, Patient Finds His 'New Normal' With Help From His Care Team
After losing a leg to cancer, Randy Herlein wondered if he would ever get back to the outdoor life he'd known. His care team was there to help and lend perspective.


Scarlette’s Furry Friend Is Good Medicine, Reminder That She’s Not Alone
The Tiptons weren't searching for just any kitten for their daughter, Scarlette. They wanted her to know her uniqueness doesn't define her and that she's not alone.


Daughter's Empty Bowl Runneth Over
When Sue Mc Farland expressed admiration for a hand-painted bowl at a local fundraiser, her mom secretly bid on it as a gift for her daughter but didn't know she'd also be giving Sue the chance to meet the artist.


'This Is Not the Farewell Tour' Patient Says of Terminal Cancer Diagnosis
Bonnie Dinneen Hedrick received a terminal cancer diagnosis at 47. Learn how she trusted her medical team to "keep her in the picture."


One Good Deed Leads to Another — and Gets Patients Home for Christmas
While his physician assistant searched for an open pharmacy, Ed Washington was busy helping another patient find a way to get home on Christmas Day.


Young Adults With Disabilities Find Meaning, Hope for a Future Through Project SEARCH
When Jakob Erickson joined Project SEARCH, he lacked confidence, social skills and dreams for his future. Now, he has all three.


After a String of Losses, Rochester’s ‘Second Street Waving Guy’ Turns Grief Into Joy
When traveling Second Street in Rochester, you'll likely see Joe Johnson waving and greeting passersby. Last summer, Walter Franz III, M.D., joined him for a special tribute.

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