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May 10, 2022

In a Word: Sara Weissman on drawing inspiration from the ‘best of the best’ teammates, origami gifts for patients, more

By In the Loop
Sara Weissman

This column spotlights the kinds of people you think about when you think about Mayo Clinic. They've answered questions, serious and otherwise, so you can know them better.

You see them at bedsides. Behind desks. You may spot them walking down a hall or sprinting across a lobby, making every effort to look like they're walking. You see them talking quietly with a patient and family, or sitting down with you at a meeting. They may be friends, teammates or someone you know only by sight. But you're glad they're here. And it's reassuring to know that the health of our patients, our colleagues and the institution itself rests in their capable, friendly, earnest, caring and compassionate hands.

Sara Weissman had always been drawn to Mayo Clinic for its reputation of quality and professionalism. When an opportunity to work at Mayo Clinic presented itself, Weissman didn't hesitate to pursue it

She's been a desk operations specialist at Mayo Clinic in Arizona for 1½ years now and takes pride in her work.

"I very much enjoy taking the time to greet patients for their visit and making their time here as enjoyable as I possibly can," Weissman says.

One of my favorite things about Mayo Clinic: I love my team. I get to work alongside the best of the best. Their dedication and professionalism are second to none.

The single most important thing I did at work yesterday (or expect to do tomorrow): I got to bring a smile to the face of a patient who was coming in to see one of our doctors. The patient told me that I turned a difficult trip into a pleasure.

A book I would recommend, or one I want to read (and why): "Awaken the Giant Within," by Tony Robbins. Every day, I start my day with positive affirmations and positive self-building mental exercises. Tony Robbins is a world-class leader in self-motivation and self-building mastery. I think now, more than ever, people need something positive to focus on.

Mayo Clinic has taught me: I have become aware that I bring special skills to the table. I get to be a part of the health care experience. Even though I'm not a doctor, there is something to be said about a kind word, a friendly smile or simply remembering a patient who has a return visit to the Mayo.

Most treasured or best advice from a colleague at Mayo: I have team members who are inspirational in the way they conduct themselves. I find myself wanting to model their actions and behavior because they show me what it means to be a team player at Mayo.

Most memorable Mayo moment: I like to make origami for the patients. I love the look on their faces when I hand them a crane or a butterfly. I love it when their faces light up. I have been told by more than one of our patients that this small action brings them hope. For me, every time I get to bring hope to someone battling a health issue, that is a memorable moment.

If I could choose the "hold" music for Mayo Clinic: Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline."

Favorite space on campus this month: I enjoy the concourse where the volunteers play the piano.

People who inspire me: The people on my team inspire me. We are always working together for the best interests of the patients.

The most fun I've had at work this year: I get a lot of great feedback from the patients I have the opportunity to serve. Each time someone tells me that I made their day, or I made their visit to Mayo Clinic easier, or when they tell me that they were looking forward to seeing me on their visit, it lets me know that I am making a difference. Each one of these experiences I hold close to my heart. There is not just one that stands out. Each one is special.

Team Dr. Charlie or Team Dr. Will? Or Team Mother Alfred or Team Dr. W.W. Why? I am totally on board Team Mother Alfred. I find her enduring legacy and lasting impact on the current culture of Mayo Clinic to be truly inspiring. Her dedication to service aligns with my own spirit to leave behind me an impression that people will remember.

When patients recall their visit to Mayo Clinic, I hope they remember: I hope the patients get to experience all that Mayo stands for. I hope they recall me greeting them with a smile, and they feel the genuine care that I have for each and every one who comes to my desk. I hope they remember there is a team of people working their hardest to make sure they have the best experience at Mayo Clinic.


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