Meet My Team: Rejuvenate Spa offers patients – and staff – an oasis of calm (and more)

Whether you're seeking a massage for aching muscles, acupuncture for persistent headaches or a manicure for dry nails, you can find it at Rejuvenate Spa. The spa offers traditional treatments in a nontraditional environment, providing a unique experience for patients (and staff) at Mayo Clinic.

Mayo Clinic is a team of teams — many, many teams. So many that it's impossible to know what each of them does. This column asks teams throughout Mayo how they contribute to patient care and support colleagues throughout the organization.

Among her team at Rejuvenate Spa, Stephanie Copeman is known as the OG.

"That means the original, not Old Gal," Copeman explains.

Copeman is the lead massage therapist at the spa, part of the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program in Rochester. It's a role she's had since Rejuvenate opened in 2014.

"I love the atmosphere of the spa," Copeman says. "It is very Zen. I also love the variety of services I'm able to offer and the guests I get to work with. I'm never bored."

Below, Copeman and her colleagues Kate Burkard, Lori Casey, Socheata Kang and Ruth Jaime answer questions about their jobs and their team.

Tell us about your team. What is it your team does?

The Rejuvenate Spa team specializes in making guests feel relaxed and refreshed. We provide a respite from the busyness of life by providing spa services to anyone who is interested in giving themselves a little self-care. Whether you are a patient, an employee or a community member, everyone is welcome and will receive customized treatment.

How do you spend most of your day?

Providing spa treatments and services to guests, including massage, acupuncture, body treatments, facials and nail health.

What might surprise people about the work your team does?

The minute our guests step off the elevator onto the fifth floor of the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center, there is an immediate relaxation of their bodies. We are not a traditional spa in that our staff is trained to work with all types of medical conditions and still provide the spa experience. Our gift to them is exceptional gratuity-free service.

Rejuvenate Spa staff include top row, from left: Jeremy Lee, Ricardo Torres, Naomi Salazar, Thayer Haugen, Robin Hythecker, Jacinto Orozco-Street, Ruth Jamie, Kristen Gervais, Taryn Sanford, Reba Granczynski, Angela Radloff and Rani Sara. Bottom row, from left: Steve Ransom, Morgan Mealy, Josef Taeubel, Donny Henn, Angie Kang, Ibrahima Sibide, Maddy Evers, Stephanie Copeman, Tyra Kang, Sloan Eiken, Karen Rossignol, Nathan Bright, Kate Burkard, Bethany Ball and Lori Casey. Not pictured: Christa Deters, Karen Edmonds, Teresa Ha, Tanna Urness, Matthew Alexander and Breyon Williams.

Everyone at Mayo contributes to caring for patients. How does your team do that?

Our team contributes to caring for patients by allowing them a space to feel "normal." They don't have to think about treatments or their medical conditions. The guests unwind from the stress of their appointments in the relaxing and pampering environment of the Rejuvenate Spa, all while still on the Mayo campus. We provide the best care, treating patients and family members with sensitivity and empathy. We also see caregivers of patients. In a sense, we care for the caregivers.

You're going to hire a new team member. Describe your ideal candidate.

Someone who is passionate about their work and compassionate toward others.

What is a recent team success that you're proud of?

Every day we go above and beyond for our guests, through their entire spa experience, from getting off the elevator to checking in, to receiving spa treatments, to relaxing in the lounge and locker room, to checking out. We are providing the ultimate self-care escape!

If your team was a band, what would it be called?

The Stress Relievers.

If you had to describe your team's work in six words, what would your six-word story be?

Caring, kind, compassionate, empathetic, knowledgeable, REJUVENATING!

Watch a slideshow to take a peek inside Rejuvenate Spa: