Here and There: Mayo teams pedal, walk, scavenger hunt for fitness

From a trip to participate in a special Peloton ride to step challenges and a scavenger hunt, Mayo staff across the country are showcasing their commitment to health and teamwork.

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'Cardiac Outputs' commemorate exercise journey in New York City

Last month, members of the "Cardiac Outputs," a group of physicians, nurses, administrators and other allied health staff at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, traveled to New York City to participate in "Live-Ride With Ally Love," a Peloton instructor and fitness personality.

The team formed at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic when most fitness centers and gyms were closed. With limited access to exercise equipment, many acquired Peloton bikes and began riding together, albeit virtually. The team's rides occurred multiple times throughout the week, providing a way to stay connected and accountable, and to support each other's wellness journey.

To celebrate over three years of riding together, "Cardiac Output" members Lindsay Fix, Ryan Fix, Brian Hardaway, M.D., Abigail Havrelock, Rosaleah Montoya, Amanda Stumpf and Jenifer Wueste booked this special in-person weekend event to commemorate their journey together as fitness enthusiasts.

Cardiovascular Research team builds community through step challenge

Well-being champions in Cardiovascular Research in Rochester put together a step challenge each May, and there was growing interest this year. Forty people signed up and formed eight teams of five members each.

The friendly competition involved crowning three winners at the end of the month, including Adam Logeman, who tallied the most steps; the team with the most members who accumulated 10,000 steps on a designated day — Grace Purkey, Mattie Reesman, Logeman, Tricia Conley, Grace Bourassa  — and the team with the highest total number of steps — Brendan Mark, Nancy Acker, Emily Olson, Kelly Kerian and Patsy Caceres Figueroa.

"It was fun to see co-workers come together to get their daily steps in by inviting people to go for a walk over lunch or celebrating each other when someone gets 15,000 or even 20,000 steps in one day," says Mattie Reesmen, a clinical research coordinator on the team.

Brendan Mark, Nancy Acker and Emily Olson. Not pictured are Kelly Kerian and Patsy Caceres Figueroa.

At the end of the latest challenge, the top two teams walked over 2 million steps each during May.

"Our unit is also split up between downtown and Saint Marys, so it has been a great event to bring the two teams together," Reesman says.

Team Mayo represents at the First Coast Games

Team Mayo was well represented at the ongoing YMCA First Coast Games in Jacksonville.

One of the games was a scavenger hunt in the San Marco area of the city. Team members were given different clues to use to find historic landmarks. The event was timed, and points were awarded to the quickest teams.

"We did not place in the top three, but we got all the points and had a great time representing Mayo Clinic," says Jessica Parker, Pain Medicine.

The YMCA First Coast Games is an annual corporate challenge focusing on participants' health and wellness goals while offering some friendly competition.