Meet My Team: Learn how Voice of Customer and Touch Point Quality Team improves care for patients

Members of the Voice of Customer and Touch Point Quality Team at recent dinner, from left to right: Krystal Grisim, Kelly Nosbisch, Mara Drake, Brenda Allen, Tiffany Boyd, Amanda Burnett, Lachearna Woodruff, Lizzy Moreno, Dwane Veney, Mary Schrieber, Elizabeth (Liz) Johnson, Stephanie Peterson, Heather Tesdahl, Lori Butterfield and Joni Jensen. Not pictured (but there in spirit) were Holly Cunningham, Elizabeth (Beth) Krouch, Jill Berryman, Tera Hagen, Shannon Davies and Sue Major Daniels.

The Voice of Customer and Touch Point Quality Team, part of the Center for Digital Health, works closely with staff who answer calls for Mayo Clinic. Learn how they help improve service to patients, what they look for in new team members, and what they'd be called if they were a band.

Mayo Clinic is a team of teams — many, many teams. So many that it's impossible to know what each of them does. This column will put that question to teams throughout Mayo, giving them a chance to share how they contribute to patient care and support colleagues throughout the organization.

"This call may be recorded for quality purposes."

If you've ever heard that message and wondered who listens to those recordings — at least to those at Mayo Clinic — today is your day.

The Voice of Customer and Touch Point Quality Team in the Center for Digital Health listens to those calls. And they use what they hear to help improve service to Mayo patients and staff.

"Our first priority is the patients and what is best for them," says Joni Jensen, one of the team's quality specialists.

Jensen was drawn to her position by the opportunity to coach staff to help them take good care of the patients who call Mayo Clinic. She stays in her position because she loves the work — and the people she works with.

"My team is a very caring, trusting, professional group," she says. "We have fun together outside of work, and since we work remotely, can also have fun and enjoy each other through Teams messages. I look forward to coming to work every day."

The News Center team asked Jensen to answer questions about her job and her team.

Tell us about your team. What is it your team does?

Buckle up for a ride with the dynamic squad that constitutes our quality team! We're focused on evaluating the calls across the enterprise to help ensure our contact center agents — those employees who handle inbound or outbound customer calls and interactions — are delivering the best possible service across every call they handle. 

We're not just listening to calls; we're crafting experiences.

Joni Jensen

We're the backbone of quality assessment, roaming through the vast expanse of recorded calls across  Mayo Clinic. Every day, we listen to about four or five calls every hour to make sure each of the agents we support has about four calls evaluated each month. We support about 3,700 different agents, which means we evaluate almost 15,000 calls each month. Last year, we evaluated just shy of 145,000 calls in total.               

We're not just numbers; we're the lifeline of customer service excellence.

How do you spend most of your day?

Our days are filled to the brim with diving into those recorded calls, meticulously evaluating each one to ensure nothing short of perfection. We also meet with the supervisors of the teams we support to share updates, answer questions and offer coaching. We're like conductors orchestrating the symphony of customer service mastery!

But it's not all serious business. We sprinkle in some team huddles with supervisors, firing off weekly emails packed with insights. We also send weekly updates to our partners for any calls that have more immediate needs for review, so that timely mentoring can be leveraged.

What might surprise people about the work your team does?

All of us are remote workers, and we support partners across all of Mayo Clinic. 

Teammates at a "totally rad" dinner before a '90s-themed bash.

We are also a very tight-knit team. While our daily work is autonomous, we work hard to build connections with each other. We have an active Teams chat where we celebrate life's milestones with each other and lift each other up when a quick pick-me-up is needed. 

When we get together, either in person or during team meetings, we mesh well together because we have tried to connect and get to know each other beyond the business side of our work.

We're all about fostering a vibrant team spirit. Fantasy football, anyone? Optional, and bragging rights as a prize. Yep, that's how we roll! We're like a fine-tuned engine — autonomous yet seamlessly synchronized when we come together. 

Everyone at Mayo contributes to caring for patients. How does your team do that?

We help make sure that the needs of the patients come first in every interaction. We're not just listening to calls; we're crafting experiences. Each interaction is an opportunity to sprinkle empathy and ensure every patient feels cared for.

We make sure that every call is treated with compassion, and that our agents are driving their interactions with special attention to guidelines to ensure compliance. From championing exceptional customer service to safeguarding patient privacy, we are behind the scenes helping ensure that every patient interaction is nothing short of extraordinary.

You're going to hire a new team member. Describe your ideal candidate.

Our dream candidate is a self-driven dynamo with customer service coursing through their veins. They have RICH TIES encoded in their DNA, and they're not afraid to use it. We are talking about someone who's not just a team player but a game-changer — a beacon of excellence! They would also need to embody Mayo Clinic values, find joy in coaching, be very customer/patient-centric, and be passionate about providing exceptional customer experience.

What is a recent team success that you're proud of?

We have seen the impact of providing evaluation scores, feedback and coaching to agents. Scores have been increasing over time, which speaks to the impact of the work we do every day! This is a great opportunity to send kudos to all agents across our contact centers who are transforming themselves into customer service maestros, one coaching session at a time. It's not just a success; it's a testament to unwavering dedication to excellence.

If your team was a band, what would it be called?

There is not any one good name. We've got names for days. A few that we produced, some of which include components that we score on, are Reverse Intro 101, No Feeding Identifiers, Quality Crushers, Feedback Fury and Pression Pulse Posse. Who said quality assessment can't have a bit of pizzazz?

If you had to describe your team's work in six words, what would your six-word story be?

Dedication, Excellence, Teamwork, Integrity, Coaches, Professionals.

These aren't just words; they're the beating heart of our team. We're not just here to evaluate calls. We're here to redefine what it means to deliver top-tier customer service, one interaction at a time.