26.2 With Donna

Until last year, Robert Taylor hadn't considered being a living organ donor. But then a booth at a race expo caught his eye, leading to[...]

By In the Loop • February 28, 2019

"Attitude is everything" is the Livezey family motto. It's printed on T-shirts and pink bracelets the family wears to honor and encourage one of their[...]

By In the Loop • February 21, 2017

Last February, Hollis Livezey Youngner stood at the end of the National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer, cheering (and crying) as she watched many of[...]

By In the Loop • January 26, 2017

For Marc and Christina Burget, Valentine's Day 2016 is one for the books. Or the movie screen. Or maybe both. As The Florida Times Union[...]

By In the Loop • February 23, 2016

On Sunday, Feb. 14, while romantics celebrate Valentine's Day with chocolate and flowers, 10,000 or so runners will show their love in a different way:[...]

By In the Loop • February 11, 2016

Shoppers at w.port, a women's boutique in Atlanta, are used to finding beautiful things in the store. This past holiday season, they discovered an item[...]

By In the Loop • January 21, 2016