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November 12, 2019

All Hands on Deck: Larry Oelkers Suffers Heart Attack, Community Rushes To Help

By In the Loop In the Loop (@intheloop)

Larry Oelkers was just about to leave a high school football game when he went into cardiac arrest. His community jumped in to help save his life.

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Tags: Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, Catherterization Lab, Coronary Bypass Surgery, Dr. John Stulak, Mayo Clinic Ambulance Service, Sudden Cardiac Arrest

July 11, 2019

Hey, Hey: Cardiac Rehab Program Helps Pat Brickhouse Turn Back the Clock on Her Health

By In the Loop In the Loop (@intheloop)

Pat Brickhouse’s upcoming book about her life with legendary Chicago Cubs Hall of Fame broadcaster Jack Brickhouse includes stories of her Mayo Clinic experience.

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Tags: atrial fibrillation, Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, Mayo Clinic in Arizona

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