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April 7, 2016

Gorillas, Bonobos, and Lemurs, Oh My! — Mayo Sonographer Helping Jacksonville Zoo Residents Stay Heart Healthy

By In the Loop In the Loop (@intheloop)

We’re sure Tracy Moegenburg meets some interesting folks in her work as a sonographer at Mayo Clinic’s Florida campus. But even the more colorful characters might have a hard time keeping up with those she meets when she takes her skills down the road to her regular Wednesday gig. There, her patients are gorillas, bonobos, […]

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Tags: Community, Sonography, Tracy Moegenburg, Zoo

February 11, 2016

Mayo Clinic Health System Program Helps Homeownership Dreams Come True

By In the Loop In the Loop (@intheloop)

Cassie and Tyler Woodward were “just looking” when they went to an open house showing of a single-family home in the Washburn neighborhood in La Crosse, Wisconsin. But after they stepped inside, “just looking” began to slide toward “well, maybe” for the first-time homebuyers. “We came in here, a little hesitant at first, but as […]

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Tags: Community, Housing, Mayo Clinic Health System

February 1, 2016

It Would Be Un-Minnesotan (and Un-Mayo) Not to Join This Cause

By In the Loop In the Loop (@intheloop)

If you’re reading this, you’re probably Minnesotan. Or know a Minnesotan. Or at least know where Minnesota is on a map. Or, maybe you’re not from around here and just have a vague notion that Mayo Clinic has its roots in the North Star State. (It’s OK, we Minnesotans have thick, if frost-bitten, skin.) The […]

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Tags: Community, Diversity, Dr. John Noseworthy, Dr. Sharonne Hayes, Inclusion, Minnesota

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