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October 19, 2017

Researchers Explore the Use of Adult Stem Cells as Treatment of the Future

By In the Loop In the Loop (@intheloop)

When it comes to medical treatments, what sounds like science fiction today could someday become the standard in life-changing medicine. If the research turns out as hoped, stem cells — the “master cells” inside our bodies from which all other cells are generated and formed — could potentially become the leading treatment option in the […]

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Tags: Innovation, Regenerative Medicine, research

March 5, 2015

Because, Technology: What (and Who) Tomorrow’s Patients Will Be Wearing

By In the Loop In the Loop (@intheloop)

We here at In the Loop are hip to the latest tech and innovative inventions. (Sliced bread. Light bulbs. Don’t even get us started on the four-slice bagel toaster.) Which is why, when a recent Fast Company article on wearable technology highlighted one of Mayo Clinic’s very own technological innovations, we took notice. Preventice BodyGuardian […]

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Tags: Innovation, Mayo Clinic Ventures, technology

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