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February 21, 2019

When It Comes to Sugar, There Really Is Too Much of a Good Thing

By In the Loop In the Loop (@intheloop)

It’s no secret that curbing a sugar habit is good for your overall health. Whether you start slow or go cold turkey, before you know it your cravings for the sweet stuff will be in the rearview mirror.

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Tags: Dr Donald Hensrud, Katherine Zeratsky, Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program, Mayo Clinic Minute

July 3, 2018

3 Tips for a Safe and Festive Fourth

By In the Loop In the Loop (@intheloop)

Don’t let your Fourth of July celebration turn into a dangerous situation. These three timely tips will ensure you have a fun, safe and healthy holiday.

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Tags: Dietitian, Dr. David Claypool, Dr. Jose Pulido, emergency medicine, food poisoning, heatstroke, Katherine Zeratsky, Mayo Clinic News Network, Ophthalmology

September 27, 2016

Mayo Clinic Minute Reporter Jeff Olsen Practices What He Preaches

By In the Loop In the Loop (@intheloop)

When it comes to his health, Jeff Olsen has always tried to do the right thing. But sometimes, life has gotten in the way of those good intentions. (We can relate.) “I’m a husband, a father of four, I work two jobs,” Jeff explains, adding that his full schedule and full life have sometimes led […]

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Tags: Dr James Levine, Dr. Amit Sood, Dr. Karen Grothe, Jeff Olsen, Katherine Zeratsky, Mayo Clinic Minute

November 25, 2014

Talking Turkey — Your ‘In the Loop guide to Thanksgiving’

By In the Loop In the Loop (@intheloop)

If history and the flood of grocery store ads filling our mailboxes are any indication, a couple of days from now, we’ll once again gather with family and friends to celebrate another Thanksgiving. We’ve started our holiday celebration a little early this year, so we’re leaving you all with a reprise of the In the […]

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Tags: Healthy eating, Katherine Zeratsky, Richard Johnson

July 1, 2014

An (almost) complete guide to grilling and fireworks safety

By In the Loop In the Loop (@intheloop)

In three days, folks from sea to shining sea will celebrate the birth of our nation with equally glorious displays of fireworks and grilling. And while it may be tempting to go all out with both, doing so can pose some pretty serious risks — to both your personal safety and your digestive system. And […]

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Tags: Diane Dressel, Dietitian, Eau Claire, Jennifer K. Nelson, Katherine Zeratsky, Mayo Clinic Health System, Mayo Clinic News Network

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