Mayo Clinic Dolores Jean Lavins Center for Humanities in Medicine

Katie White was hospitalized for more than three months while waiting for a heart transplant. She credits Mayo's Arts at the Bedside — and her[...]

By In the Loop • September 9, 2022

Despite its reputation, there is more to "Frankenstein” than meets the eye. Mayo staff and the Guthrie Theatre joined forces to examine how the 200-year-old[...]

By In the Loop • October 30, 2018

As he crisscrossed the country for four years to promote and perform his one-man play, Mercy Killers, for health care advocacy groups, playwright Michael Milligan often[...]

By In the Loop • November 10, 2016

Lewis Lipnick thought his music playing days were over. The principal contrabassoonist for the National Symphony Orchestra at the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing[...]

By In the Loop • November 8, 2016