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March 2, 2017

After Portraying a Dying Patient, Actor Discovers New Role

By In the Loop In the Loop

Megan Cole has played many roles in her acting career, from Shakespearean queens to Elaine’s colleague, Peggy, on “Seinfeld.” (Talk about range.) But the role that has had the biggest impact on her career — and on her life — is that of Dr. Vivian Bearing, the terminally ill English professor at the center of the Pulitzer Prize-winning […]

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Tags: Center for Humanities in Medicine, Maud Mellish, Mayo Clinic Library, Mayo Clinic Proceedings

August 14, 2014

Sit. Now stand. Repeat.

By In the Loop In the Loop

To sit or not to sit, that is the question. We’ve brought you umpteen stories (roughly speaking) about the hazards of sitting all day, the benefits of standing desks, the importance of moving about, and other wellness topics. And we are here today to say, forget everything we’ve told you before. Well, not really everything. […]

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Tags: Dr. Jacquelyn Kulinski, Mayo Clinic Proceedings, Sitting

May 15, 2014

Going viral … to destroy cancer

By Hoyt Finnamore Hoyt Finnamore

While measles has been in the news of late with outbreaks popping up in places it was supposed to be largely held in check, the measles virus is now popping up in unexpected places, as well — to amazing effect. As the Star Tribune reports, researchers at Mayo Clinic say they’ve proven the virus’ ability to treat […]

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Tags: Cancer, Mayo Clinic Proceedings, measles, Stephen Russell

January 9, 2014

Hospice care or palliative care?

By In the Loop In the Loop

It’s a fact of life that at some point, some of us, or someone close to us, will require hospice care or palliative care. We’re hearing more about both of these in recent years. But you might ask, “Aren’t the two care models basically the same? Don’t they go hand-in-hand?” That’s a question posed to […]

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Tags: Hospice Care, Jacob Strand, Mayo Clinic Proceedings, Medical Edge, Palliative Care

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