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October 24, 2017

Gone But Not Forgotten: Remembering Sister Generose

By In the Loop In the Loop (@intheloop)

A year ago, Mayo Clinic lost a beloved member of its staff, Sister Generose Gervais. Mayo Clinic and other organizations recently marked the one-year anniversary of her passing. 

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October 13, 2016

A Wing and a Prayer: Sister Generose and Mayo Medical Transport

By In the Loop In the Loop (@intheloop)

As many Minnesota readers know, Mayo Clinic recently lost a beloved member of the family. Sister Generose Gervais, long-time administrator of Saint Marys Hospital, passed away peacefully at the hospital where she lived, worked and served for many of her 97 years. She’ll be remembered for her leadership and dedication, for perpetuating the Franciscan legacy, […]

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Tags: Dr. Michael Farnell, Glenn Lyden, Mayo Medical Transport, Mayo One, Sister Generose Gervais

August 18, 2015

Gift Brings Sister Generose Out of Pickling Retirement

By In the Loop In the Loop (@intheloop)

Sometimes it’s a song or a smell that brings back a memory. For Sister Generose Gervais, it was a cucumber seedling. Two of them, in fact. We’re told that when Sister Generose walked into her office this past spring and found two “Sweet Success” cucumber seedlings on her desk, she “knew in an instant they […]

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September 30, 2014

Saint Marys campus celebrates 125 years and counting

By In the Loop In the Loop (@intheloop)

It’s the sort of story that’s surprising yet pretty much what you’ve come to expect from Mayo Clinic and the Sisters of Saint Francis. The Sisters and the Mayos joined forces to build a hospital to care for the medical needs of folks in Rochester, Minnesota, after the great cyclone of 1883. The Sisters said […]

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Tags: History, Saint Marys Hospital, Sister Generose Gervais, Sister Lauren Weinandt

August 7, 2014

Talking Long Careers and Saint Marys Memories with Sister Lauren

By In the Loop In the Loop (@intheloop)

Mayo’s second-longest-serving employee (57.97 years and counting), Sister Lauren Weinandt, turned 93 on Saturday, and her 58th service anniversary is coming up on Aug. 16. She’s out-senioritied only by Sister Generose Gervais and still keeps a busy schedule as archivist at the Saint Marys campus of Mayo Clinic Hospital. She was kind enough to take […]

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