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January 27, 2015

Don’t Let a Barking Dog Lie

By In the Loop In the Loop

When it comes to saving the day, collies (like our old friend Lassie) have nothing on a good yellow Lab mix. At least not when you consider the tale that Larry and Pat Lee have to tell. One morning last fall, Larry Lee and his Lab, Dee, went out for a walk. A short time […]

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Tags: Albert Lea, Mayo Clinic Health System, Mayo One, stroke, telemedicine

January 15, 2015

Is 2015 the Year of Telemedicine?

By In the Loop In the Loop

“Telemedicine may just be the biggest trend in digital health in 2015.” At least that’s the opinion offered by Skip Fleshman in a recent article in Forbes. The author, who consults with health care providers and insurers about technology, says the thing “they are most interested in is telemedicine.” That’s in part because, he says, […]

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Tags: Connected Care, Dr. Steve Ommen, telemedicine

October 16, 2014

The Doctor Is In (the Kiosk)

By In the Loop In the Loop

Although teleporting yourself to a doctor’s office far, far away may still be in the distant future (or a medically themed sci-fi movie), the next best thing is much closer to home than you might think. Mayo Clinic Health System in Austin, Minnesota, is piloting a program called Mayo Clinic Health Connection, where health care […]

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Tags: Albert Lea, Austin, Dr. Mark Ciota, Mayo Clinic Health System, Melissa Barr, Scot Ramsey, telemedicine

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