Merrick Ducharme's Thursday mornings as a volunteer at Mayo Clinic Children's Center are never the same, but one thing is consistent: his appreciation for what[...]

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For more than seven years, Mayo Clinic cardiac nurse Grace Miller has anonymously sewn and donated hundreds of the handmade pouches that are given to[...]

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Michele Woodrum, a CRNA at Mayo Clinic, didn't hesitate when a friend invited her to Hope Town in the Bahamas to provide health care to[...]

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A six-month overseas mission trip with her family was life changing in many ways for Jenn Rodemeyer, including how she views her work as a[...]

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Jayne Boeding hadn't planned on becoming a volunteer until life slowed down. But then golden retriever Brady joined her family, and Jayne immediately saw Brady's[...]

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Kim Van Roekel is no stranger to Mayo Clinic. She’s spent more than a year in Rochester awaiting a heart transplant for her daughter, Becca,[...]

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Patients nearing the end of life often have loved ones who can be by their side and offer comfort. But when they don't, Mayo volunteers[...]

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Don Scholz, M.D., supervised many resident physicians while he was on staff at Mayo Clinic. Nearly forty years later, Dr. Scholz needed treatment for a[...]

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