heart transplant

Kim Van Roekel is no stranger to Mayo Clinic. She’s spent more than a year in Rochester awaiting a heart transplant for her daughter, Becca,[...]

By In the Loop • January 31, 2019

Linsey Rippy tends to go overboard when it comes to toys around the holiday season, which is a good thing for children in the hospital[...]

By In the Loop • November 15, 2018

Although Kadie Neuharth was 1,400 miles away, the Corn Palace in her hometown of Mitchell, South Dakota, glowed red as a sign of love for[...]

By In the Loop • November 6, 2018

Stefani Pentiuk Thompson and Alyssa Sandeen have been Mayo patients since childhood, each needing a heart transplant and then a kidney transplant. Until this summer,[...]

By In the Loop • August 2, 2018

Families of children who need a heart transplant are faced with many challenges, but thanks to Ireland's Hope, they now have somewhere to turn when[...]

By In the Loop • February 27, 2018

It had been 15 years since Tom Manuel had a heart transplant, but he never forgot the name of his transplant surgeon. The two of[...]

By In the Loop • October 10, 2017

When Mayo Clinic heart transplant patient Alyssa Sandeen met her donor’s mother for the first time, she brought the perfect gift: a teddy bear with[...]

By In the Loop • September 7, 2017

It was a Friday in late April when Lindsey Hale made a phone call that would change the course of her life — and her[...]

By In the Loop • July 27, 2017

Kiarra Dixon was just six months old when she was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy. Those were big words — and a big diagnosis — for[...]

By In the Loop • February 7, 2017

Nick Pollino never met a stranger. In his eyes, everyone was a friend. "Nick saw only the good," Debbie Pollino says of her only child,[...]

By In the Loop • January 31, 2017