Kidney transplant

  Jon Prebeck got a sobering look at his mother-in-law's life with kidney disease when she came to stay with Jon and his wife. That's[...]

By In the Loop • November 13, 2018

Surgical assistant Linda Altermatt was used to being in the operating room, but being the patient was another experience entirely. It's an experience she says[...]

By In the Loop • October 2, 2018

As a photojournalist, Chad Corey spends much of his time telling others' stories. He recently shared his own personal story as a patient in need[...]

By In the Loop • September 20, 2018

Stefani Pentiuk Thompson and Alyssa Sandeen have been Mayo patients since childhood, each needing a heart transplant and then a kidney transplant. Until this summer,[...]

By In the Loop • August 2, 2018

"Owner of the world's largest kidneys" was never a title Gene Okun wanted to have. And today, thanks to a living donor and Mayo Clinic[...]

By In the Loop • July 17, 2018

Michelle Young recently lived up to the phrase "in sickness and in health" in a big way after she donated one of her kidneys to[...]

By In the Loop • May 17, 2018

When Ericka Downey saw a tweet about college basketball coach Billy Gillispie needing a kidney transplant, she was determined to find him a donor. She[...]

By In the Loop • May 3, 2018

A baseball accident is what landed Jake Knutson in the emergency department. But then doctors discovered something else: Jake's kidneys were failing, and he would[...]

By In the Loop • March 15, 2018

After Christine Graf was unable to save a co-worker who suffered a heart attack, she was determined to help others. So she donated a kidney[...]

By In the Loop • February 20, 2018

Gene Okun has kidney disease, which is obviously no laughing matter. His journey to finding a living donor, however, is something he's been able to[...]

By In the Loop • August 10, 2017