Ashley and Jeremy Scheffert, whose son Ethan passed away in 2015, join friends and family to collect and donate toys and gift cards to Mayo[...]

By In the Loop • December 17, 2019

Heather Haberman is on a mission to make sure every child receives a toy each time they're hospitalized. It's a mission that was inspired by her[...]

By In the Loop • December 12, 2019

The experience of having a child in the NICU often creates connections among families, who provide a unique source of support made possible through shared[...]

By In the Loop • September 26, 2019

Stephanie Kenning's 8-year-old son, Coltin, was given the star treatment by the Rochester Police Department after his mom contacted them hoping to take his mind[...]

By In the Loop • September 10, 2019

Just three days into her schooling to become a nurse, Sara Segner switched gears and applied to medical school. Her chosen field is one she's[...]

By In the Loop • July 18, 2019

For the third straight year, young Sophie Vanderheiden shaved her head to raise awareness, and money, for childhood cancer research during the annual St. Baldrick’s[...]

By In the Loop • May 21, 2019

Randy and Ree Erickson lost their son Silas to cancer in 2007, but his memory lives on in the way they live their lives: supporting[...]

By In the Loop • April 30, 2019

A Facebook post gave John Lawson the idea to build toy cars for children, but his inspiration comes from his friend Dr. Joseph Dearani's pediatric[...]

By In the Loop • March 14, 2019

Matt and Heidi Brown, whose young daughter, Gabby, recently was diagnosed with cancer, say that support from their community and Gabby's Mayo care team has[...]

By In the Loop • February 5, 2019

Joe and Karen Davis come to Mayo Clinic regularly for medical appointments, but they also take time for another important task: delivering the wooden boxes[...]

By In the Loop • January 3, 2019