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The annual Eagles Cancer Telethon on KTTC is must-see TV for many people in southeastern Minnesota — including the parents of Gina Razidlo, Ph.D., a[...]

By In the Loop • June 18, 2015

Andrew Engel, M.D., established a neuromuscular disease research laboratory at Mayo half a century ago. He's had continuous NIH funding for an astonishing 50 consecutive years[...]

By In the Loop • May 12, 2015

Her grandmother first suggested she had potential to be a healer. Today, Dr. Judith Kaur, one of two American Indian medical oncologists in the country,[...]

By In the Loop • May 12, 2015

Mayo researcher Abba Zubair, M.D., Ph.D., will be one step closer to his goal of testing how stem cells grow in space when a capsule of[...]

By In the Loop • May 7, 2015

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (or drones, for us civilians) to deliver medical supplies is not really new. In fact, if you hover long[...]

By In the Loop • April 7, 2015

For the past 25 years, much of the energy in Alzheimer’s research has been focused on amyloid protein as the primary driver of cognitive decline[...]

By In the Loop • April 7, 2015

If you've ever thought, "I wish I could help further Mayo Clinic's research efforts, but alas, I am not a scientist nor do I play[...]

By In the Loop • March 3, 2015

Christopher Pierret, Ph.D., jokes (we think) that as coordinator of the InSciEd Out Program, which brings science fun to classrooms in the region and now[...]

By In the Loop • March 3, 2015

While there’s plenty of uncertainty in life, one thing is sure: Despite our best efforts, we’re all going to get older. And when we do,[...]

By In the Loop • February 26, 2015

Bobbi Pritt, M.D., really likes parasites. So much, in fact, that in 2007 – after completing a clinical microbiology fellowship at Mayo Clinic and while[...]

By In the Loop • February 24, 2015